Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Injection Molding

Plastics Injection MoldingWe operate 28 plastic injection molding machines from 22 tons to 620 Tons and 60 oz. shot capacity. Many machines are capable of multiple core pulls for complex plastic injection molded parts. The machines are also capable of collecting critical processing data for SPC and SQC...Read More

Plastics Extrusion

Plastic ExtrusionBlackwell Plastics, founded in 1939, operates 5 extrusion lines from ¾” to 2.5”.  Our plastics extrusiongroup services mid-sized manufacturing companies in the energy, electronics, medical, aerospace, food and beverage, industrial, and construction markets providing plastic extruded rod, plastic extruded profile and plastic extruded tubing...Read More

Plastic Tooling

Plastic ToolingOur experienced staff of Tool Designers/Builders can use your concepts, prototypes, and drawings to design quality plastic tooling to produce your parts. If you already have tooling, we can keep it in optimum working order for you, as we produce your parts. If you have problems with tooling made elsewhere, we can make the necessary modifications to produce parts to your specifications. Wehave the capability to fine tune tooling to yield better production results...Read More

Assembly & Finishing

Plastic Assembly & FinishingSometimes there may be a requirement for special handling, machining, or finishing to make parts from your mold ready for your application. We have a full plastic Secondary and Finishing Department that is second to none. We have CNC machining capabilities, along with automated bristling, gluing, and packaging...Read More

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